above. below. in-between.

up :: hvn


there :: horizon-gazing :: in-the-margins/periphery



down :: errth


here :: on-the-nose :: center-of-mandala



connector :: humn


balanced :: t/here :: neither here-nor-there and both there-and-here



5 Responses to “above. below. in-between.”

  1. Robert Turnbull Says:

    did you take these pictures – beautiful as you are a beautiful person – love you!

  2. melanie Says:

    aaah … i miss those landscapes. thanks for posting them, and brightening my day. xoxoxoxoxo!

    • embodhiment Says:

      love and ease to you, Melanie! xoxoxo
      [have you trekked on from Hawaii? in Indonesia now? πŸ˜‰ ]

      • melanie Says:

        Yes. In indonesia now. Possibility of heading back to Thailand for June, then back in Bali for July and the first part of August. After that, I’m not sure …
        What about you?

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